Sunday, April 29, 2012

Handmade Baby Shower Decoration

Inspired by The Handmade Home, I decided to make a name banner as a decoration for a friend's baby shower.  It didn't require many materials, and is something that can be reused as a permanent decoration in the child's room or for future birthday parties, etc.

It got a little wrinkled in transit between Milwaukee and Chicago, but was fun to make.

-Burlap (1/2 yard should be fine depending on length of name) or other background fabric
-4 fat quarters in at least 2 complimentary fabrics (I used 4 different fabrics in shades of orange and green), possibly more depending on length of name
-needles, matching thread

Cut the burlap squares to the desired size.  Hand-draw or trace letters on fabric.  I did two copies of each letter, one larger than the other, so each letter would be outlined.  Cut out letters and applique or sew to burlap.  String the banner together with twine or string.  Enjoy!

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