Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update and Introducing Allergic Gourmet

Its been very quiet here at the Devil's Workshop over the last year. I've had a number of life changes--including getting married, relocating across country, searching for work in a new location, and others. One of the major changes was being diagnosed with a number of food allergies. This information has been fantastic because I am no longer sick on a daily basis. It has been difficult, however, to transition from a vegetarian diet to one that is free of all dairy, gluten/wheat, soy, legumes, and most nuts. I've started recording my allergy-safe recipes in a new blog, The Allergic Gourmet, hopeful that they will be helpful to others in similar situations.

Meanwhile, I hope to get back to updating Devil's Workshop soon with a refocused emphasis on non-food related topics including crafting and gardening. I've got some fantastic posts in the works. I hope to see you at The Allergic Gourmet and look forward to our continued conversations here!