Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recipe Review--Spanish Slaw (Mary Ann Valdez, Allrecipes.Com)

Spanish Slaw recipe on

I was desperate for a good vegan cole slaw recipe, and this fit the bill. It was tricky to find one without mayonnaise, but I can't stand mayonnaise on hot summer days. This recipe works well either with cabbage chopped by hand or pre-shredded cole slaw mix. I omit the pimientos because I never have them on hand. The resulting slaw is tangy and flavorful without being too sweet. Its so yummy I've been making it once a week (it takes hardly any time at all and makes a terrific side dish). The cabbage is full of vitamins and fiber and there's very little fat or sugar so its a pretty healthy treat. Enjoy the recipe, and comment if you try it or have a slaw recipe you'd like to share!