Thursday, December 9, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas: Seashell Ornament

This ornament was a snap to make. I made it for my step-sister who grew up on an island in Florida. I think it looks pretty and is a nice reminder of a special place. This would also be a nice ornament to commemorate a beach vacation.

-glass ornament ($3.99/4, not on sale at JoAnns)
-two strands of souvenir seashell necklaces

Take the lid off the ornament, insert the seashell strands. Replace lid, hang a ribbon on top.

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June said...

These ornaments are just the easiest to make. All it takes is just a little imagination as to what you what to fill the clear ornaments with. It is a great project for the kids to join in with too.

Thanks for stopping by my Seashell Christmas Ornament lens.